Our marine vessels are constructed from high-grade marine aluminium, ensuring superior durability and structural integrity. To support environmental sustainability, we incorporate recycled aluminium in the manufacturing of our boats. This initiative is part of our commitment to reducing the ecological impact of our operations. The recycled aluminium is sourced and delivered by Norsk Hydro, a renowned company with a track record for supplying high-quality, sustainable aluminium. This collaboration underscores our dedication to quality without compromising on our environmental responsibilities.



Our boats are the embodiment of a proven design philosophy that prioritizes both longevity and safety. Crafted to withstand the test of time, our vessels are not merely designed to last but are also intricately engineered to enhance safety at sea. Every curve and contour is the result of meticulous planning and a deep understanding of nautical engineering, ensuring that each journey is as secure as it is enduring. It's this combination of durability and dependability that sets our vessels apart, making them a trusted choice for seafarers.



In the heart of Norway, our manufacturing process combines tradition with innovation. We entrust our production to local sub-contractors, not merely for their geographic proximity, but for their unwavering commitment to meeting our high standards. Every component selected is of the highest quality, ensuring that each vessel we craft stands as a testament to Norwegian craftsmanship and our dedication to excellence in marine engineering.



Our products are designed with the promise of longevity, capable of enduring the relentless passage of time. With over 2300 boats already delivered, each one is a hallmark of our commitment to surpass our customers' expectations. More than just a vessel, our products are pivotal in enhancing safety at sea, embodying the trust placed in us by those who take to the waters, seeking not only adventure but also the assurance of safe passage.



At Maritime Partner, we understand that the longevity of our products is a testament to their quality. Therefore, we provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance support, delivered directly from our expert teams. Our global service network ensures that wherever our boats sail, support is within reach, affirming our promise of 'good and right maintenance'. This approach not only extends the lifetime of our boats but also significantly reduces their lifetime costs, ensuring customer satisfaction and vessel performance.



Sustainability is at the core of our operations, and this is reflected in the lifecycle of our boats. We are proud to affirm that our boats and hulls are designed to be fully recyclable. By closing the loop, we ensure that our environmental footprint is minimized, and the materials used in the construction of our vessels can have a second life. This commitment to recyclability is an integral part of our environmental stewardship and our vision for a greener maritime industry.