Technical data

Overall Length
Length Hull
Breadth Extreme
Breadth Hull
Weight Empty
Davit Load
Max Speed From–To
Fuel tank capacity
Approved Lifting

Engine & Propulsion

Engine Standard
Volvo Penta IPS
Engine Alternative
Propulsion Standard
Propulsion Alternative


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The ALUSAFE CAT 21 has been specifically designed for operation in the Northern part of Norway. The sleek hull makes sure the vessel handles rough, frigid seas and safely transporting patients even in this tough part of the world. The boats hull also benefits from its sleek design in terms of low fuel cost and thus environment friendly operation.Alusafe Cat 21 is a versatile vessel than can be fitted with either fixed pitch propellers, waterjet, IPS and CP Propellers. Twin engine installation with separate fuel tanks give full redundancy which increase safety and reliability. As an option the vessel can be delivered with high engine output and a top speed of 30 knots.

The hull, main deck and superstructure is constructed from marine grade aluminium. Normal crew size is 2 persons, Number of passengers is maximum 8 person. 4 x Recaro Northsea crew suspension seats. Norsap 1000 emergency room seats.

The vessel is large enough to house a fully equipped emergency room with space for two stretchers, making it possible for efficient treatment to be administered to patients even while in transit. Due to its soundproofing, the emergency room is also the quietest area on the vessel, ensuring that doctors and nurses can treat patients undisturbed.

The ambulance boat can also be with foils to the twin hulls. This have proven during recent trials to be capable of reducing vertical acceleration by as much as 25 per cent whenever the vessel sails through rough waters.

The vessel is further on built according to Maritime Partner high standards.

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