Technical data

Overall Length
Length Hull
Breadth Extreme
Breadth Hull
Weight Empty
Davit Load
Max Speed From–To
30-40 knots
Fuel tank capacity
Approved Lifting

Engine & Propulsion

Engine Standard
Twin Inboard
Engine Alternative
Propulsion Standard
Propulsion Alternative
Special waterjets for high bullard pull // Stern Drive


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Alusafe 1200 FRDC (Fast Rescue Daughter Craft) is designed, built and equipped to comply with MSA`s regulations as well as The Norwegian Maritime Directorate’s requirements for Fast Rescue Craft for Offshore units. The hull is built of marine aluminium and is of a fully planning type with a deep V-bottom construction, suitable for high speed.

The superstructure provides shelter and seating for up to six persons and one stretcher. Alusafe 1200 FRDC is built to give maximum safety for the crew and is also self righting. Twin inboard engines connected to waterjets for superior manoeuvring are fitted. The craft is equipped with a lifting arrangement and an approved release hook for safe launch and recovery from the mother vessel/oil rig. The strength of the hull and superstructure is sufficient to withstand all normal forces encountered under normal use offshore at maximum speed. The superstructure can be customized according to customer specification. Alternative propulsion system upon request.

For high bollard pull, a propulsion system featuring a high-output engine, connected through a gearbox, and heavy duty water jets are fitted. The craft is also equipped with a matching towing hook allowing for the towing of a oil spill boom system.

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