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May 31, 2024

Cermaq Norway AS has recently received Maritime Partner's build no. 2250. The boat, named ALUSAFE 1500 Work, is a further development based on the diving boat ALUSAFE 1500.

The boat is specially designed for service and training missions in the Finnmark area and built for year-round operation in sometimes rough waters. The boat is equipped for a crew of three, and is certified for six people. It is specially adapted for service tasks and is equipped with both a crane, nozzle and high-pressure washer for maintenance of equipment on site. The crew also has a small workshop in addition to storage space on board for tools and equipment.

On board there are three cabins and a living room with a galley ahead below deck. It is designed and adapted for operation in northern waters and has comfort for longer working sessions at Cermaq's facilities in northern Norway.  In addition to the bridge, the superstructure also houses a seating area, a spacious bathroom and a study, the latter with access from the aft deck. It is divided into a wet/dirty zone and a dry/clean zone.

Important customer

"The boat is based on the success we have had with the diving boat ALUSAFE 1500 LDV, which already has several operators around the coast. Now we have yet another variant specially adapted to the requirements of the farming industry and it will become an important reference boat", says Hans Petter Klokk, VP Project Management at Maritime Partner. "We are also particularly pleased to have Cermaq on the customer list as they are a large operator of work boats. The customer sets high demands and challenges, which we greatly appreciate, but we both hope and believe they will be satisfied with the boat and that this in turn will lead to further cooperation in the future," says Hans Petter.

Increased safety at sea, better operational reliability and reduced CO2 emissions

Service and maintenance manager for Cermaq in Finnmark, Kjetil Knutsen, says this boat will be a very important tool for Cermaq's continuous work to increase safety for our employees at sea and improve operational safety at our facilities in Western Finnmark. For Cermaq, in this project it has been crucial to be able to offer the crew the best combination of living comfort and practical functionality in order to carry out efficient service and maintenance at our farming locations. This boat will also be able to help reduce the time spent on transport between missions and with that also reduce CO2 emissions with a more optimal operating pattern. "The first impression of the boat during testing and the time after handover have made us confident that the choice of Maritime Partner as supplier has been right for us", says Knutsen.