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March 12, 2024

Family-owned investment company invests in Maritime Partner.

Maritime Partner has raised 15 million Norwegian kroner in new equity capital and gears the company for growth. The Volstad family enters as the largest owner in the boat-building company in Aalesund, Norway with an ownership share of around 34 percent.

Former Maritime Partner CEO Peder R. Myklebust is among those continuing to invest in the company. The current CEO of the company, Torstein Heggstad, also joins as an owner.

"We are very happy to have the Volstad family on board. They have a lot of experience in offshore, seismic, and fisheries. This means that we have not only gained a financial investor but also an industrial investor who knows the market and understands the products," says Heggstad.

"We are proud that they want to use some of their money on us, and very happy to have their expertise on board," Heggstad adds.


From Shipping Company to Investment Company

Torstein Heggstad himself has a background from Volstad Shipping company, which sold its last boat, the trawler “Volstad”, in January 2021.

Earlier, they had sold the entire offshore fleet of the company. Subsequently, the family-owned business has become an investment company with Eivind and Espen Volstad "at the helm."

"Maritime Partner has been through some tough years in a turbulent market, and profitability was much better a few years ago. We believe there is great potential for this to become a profitable company with a bright future. We look forward to working with Torstein and the team," says Espen Volstad about the investment.

Previously, the Volstad family has been on "the other side of the table" as a customer of Maritime Partner. Therefore, they are familiar with both the company and the market from earlier.

"We believe this can be very good. It’s both local to us and an industry that is close to heart of our investments," says Volstad.

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