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March 12, 2024

Maritime Partner has recently delivered an ALUSAFE CAT 21 WORK to AQS. This vessel named “AQS SIV” represents a groundbreaking and innovative concept within the workboat market. AQS has chosen to invest in a large, fast dive/workboat, with a focus on significantly reducing transit time while still maintaining crew comfort.

AQS – Focusing on Sustainability, Living Conditions, and Work Capacity

AQS AS is a major and impactful maritime contractor specializing in aquaculture, but they also carry out all types of service and diving missions. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with a significant expense being fuel and long transit times to and from work sites. With their new ALUSAFE CAT 21 Work, AQS will significantly reduce transit time, and with 5 cabins for the crew on board, they will be able to stay onboard at the worksite overnight. As part of the sustainability mindset, a 368 kWt battery pack has been installed. This capacity allows for zero emissions during work around the fish pens, during ROV operations, and during net cleaning, as well as allowing the boat to stay at the pen overnight without running main engines/auxiliary engines. The battery pack will provide enough power for onboard hotel load. AQS has also entered into a time charter agreement to provide services to Cermaq Finnmark. The agreement between AQS and Cermaq focuses on sustainability, living conditions, and work capacity in daily service.


Good Seafaring Characteristics and Efficient Hull

The boat, an ALUSAFE CAT 21, belongs to a model series that has multiple uses, and the vessel type has already proven its good seafaring characteristics. The hull is designed by Arne Lindstøl, and the same hull has been used on 2 ambulance boats delivered by Maritime Partner ("Thea Jensen" – Loppa Medical Transport and "Liv" – Norwegian Rig Shuttle).

The well-known hull design has repeatedly demonstrated extremely good seafaring characteristics, where the boats can maintain high speeds even in very bad weather. In addition to the good seafaring characteristics, the use of the boat has proven that Arne Lindstøl has designed a very efficient hull, resulting in low fuel consumption and thus reducing emissions. This new variant is tailored to the customer's needs in diving, ROV with positioning, and net washing systems. The vessel is designed, built, and equipped at Maritime Partner's facility in Aalesund.


AQS Managing Director, Pål Anders Lauvsnes, says that the outfitting of the boat has been carried out in close dialogue with the project manager from Maritime Partner through out the entire outfitting period. "The result is the coast's most rugged dive boat. With its speed, impressive seafaring characteristics, and excellent living facilities, this will be a fantastic addition to AQS's fleet."