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March 12, 2024

The ALUSAFE CAT 16 is a newly developed model and has a capacity of 23 passengers in addition to some cargo. The boat is built for maximum comfort, materials and equipment have been chosen in close collaboration with the ship owner. The boat has already started it’s service in the Hardbakke-Kolgrov-Utvær route in western Norway.

The boat and passenger saloon are designed according to requirements for universal design. She is equipped with an electric lift / gangway aft as well as foot access via the forward deck. Universal design meets the requirements for carrying disabled passengers. The wheelhouse is separated from the passenger saloon and there are separate toilets for crew and passengers.

The passenger boat is among the most environmentally friendly of this type. The engines are in accordance with the latest emission requirements and approved in accordance with the new IMO Tier III regulations for exhaust emissions. A crane is fitted to the boat for handling cargo to and from the islands along the route

Facts about ALUSAFE CAT 16ALUSAFE CAT 16 - is built in aluminium and the hull has been developed in collaboration with Ola Lilloe-Olsen in Lilloe-Design AS. The boat is equipped with diesel propulsion and fixed pitch propellers. The cruising speed is 25 knots, and the boat is built according to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's rules for passenger ships