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May 31, 2024

Maritime Partner AS has recently delivered the first boat to DALO (Danish Acquisition Logistics Organization). DALO is the procurement department for the Danish Coastal Rescue Service. The rescue boat, an ALUSAFE 1215 FRB, is custom-built for the customer, and a total of 7 boats of this type are to be delivered.

Previous Experiences

The customer has previously purchased a total of 13 ALUSAFE 1070 FRB boats. Their return for a new series of slightly larger boats is based upon positive experiences and many years of using these vessels.

 "This delivery confirms the excellent collaboration we have with DALO. Together, we have created a boat design that efficiently performs the intended tasks, while also affirming our position as a supplier of rescue boats with excellent seafaring capabilities," says Hans Petter Klokk, VP Project Manager at Maritime Partner.

Boat Delivery

It was just before Christmas that a crew from Maritime Partner sailed the boat from Ålesund to Fredrikshavn. The average speed on the Ålesund to Kristiansand route was 28 knots, while over the Skagerrak, under challenging conditions, they maintained an average speed of 25 knots. "The boat was simply impressive at sea," says Hans Petter, being one of the three crew members.

 Continuing The Green Transition

(TIERIII) - The vessels are custom-built and specialized to facilitate the transition to clean, sustainable energy sources. The propulsion system is provided by Frydenbø Industrier AS and meets the new stringent emission requirements imposed by the EU on the maritime industry (IMO Tier III). Good maneuverability, improved acceleration, reduced noise and vibration, user-friendliness, and easy service access are among the features of this system.

Another important element is that by choosing boats made of aluminum, unparalleled strength is achieved in combination with a green material. Partially recycled aluminum has been used in production, and at the end of the lifecycle, the hull and superstructure can be recycled in their entirety.