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May 31, 2024

Around New Year's, Hofseth Aqua signed a contract with Maritime Partner for the delivery of a passenger boat with an electric propulsion system. This week the boat was delivered to the customer.

This is the first fully electric boat from Maritime Partner that has been given the designation ALUSAFE 1180 ELECTRIC. It is certified to carry up to 12 passengers, in addition to the boat's crew. It is also adapted for wheelchair users. Evoy together with Konrad has supplied the electric propulsion system that is used. With a speed of 24 knots, the boat will have a range of 17 nautical miles, while the range increases to more than 50 nautical miles if the speed is reduced to 13 knots.

Stationed in Valldal.

The main purpose of the boat is to transport visitors from Valldal to Hofseth's new visitor center at their showcase fish farming facility at Vindsneset in Fjord municipality. Uteguiden in Valldal will be responsible for the operation of the boat, and they will also use the boat in connection with their activities in and around the world heritage area in the inner part of Storfjorden.

As green as it gets

In line with our goal of being a leader in sustainability and zero emissions, we have now gone to purchase the most environmentally friendly boats available," says Roger Hofseth at Hofseth Aqua. During operation, the boat produces no emissions of NOx or CO2.  In addition, the boat is built in partly recycled aluminium, and everything can in principle be recycled when the boat is phased out sometime in the future.  The boat is also short-hauled in the sense that it is equipped here in Ålesund, and in operation we get a short journey time for the necessary service and inspection. Based in Valldall and with hydropower from Tafjorden, charging the batteries will also be a very short journey.

"We are very pleased to deliver this environmentally friendly boat. Maritime Partner is a driving force behind the green shift and both companies want to be leaders in sustainability," says Peder Myklebust at Maritime Partner. The boat is built on an already known and proven design, but has now been redesigned from using fossil fuel to clean energy. "Although we have long and good experience from delivering boats with hybrid propulsion, this is the first boat we have delivered that has fully electric propulsion. This is both exciting and inspiring and we hope to be an interesting partner in helping to make work and passenger boats more environmentally friendly", says Peder Myklebust.