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March 12, 2024

Maritime Partner AS has recently delivered the first shipset consisting of a Rescue boat and a Workboat to IWS (IWS Fleet AS).

The Rescue boat, an ALUSAFE 700 FRC, and the Workboat, an ALUSFE 1250 WF, are both installed onboard the mothership "IWS Skywalker". The Workboat has been named "Skyrunner" and is specially built for the transport of service personnel and goods from the service vessel between the wind turbines.

The ALUSAFE 1250 installed aft, starboard side on this impressive ship. The ALUSAFE 700 FRB, is fitted on the other side of the vessel.

First of total 6 ships

"IWS Skywalker" is the first ship in a series of a total of six vessels that the shipping company has ordered. The next ones will be delivered during 2024 and 2025. Maritime Partner will be delivering a Rescue boats to all six of these vessels as well as the Workboat to four of them.

Quality and Comfort

ALUSAFE 1250 WF will be equipped with a gyro stabilizer to improve the working environment and comfort for the technicians and crew. The propulsion system is of the Volvo Penta IPS type, which meets new strict emission requirements imposed by the EU on the shipping industry (IMO Tier III). Good maneuvering characteristics, improved acceleration, reduced noise and vibration, increased comfort, ease of use and easy service access are among the characteristics of this workboat.